What’s new in Biteable

March 2023

Business explainers from our AI Video Assistant

The very first version of our AI Video Assistant (AVA) launched for customer feedback. This iteration of AVA can help users create custom business explainer videos using AI technology. Keep an 👀 out for more from AVA.

Upload a Record Request from your device

Lights, camera, upload. This update lets you (or your respondents) upload a pre-recorded video file in response to a Record Request. Respondents now have the option to record their response live in Biteable, or choose a recording to upload.

Instantly share Record Me and Screen Recordings

Your Record Me and Screen Recordings now come with their very own watch page link. Instantly share your recorded footage with anyone without having to add it to a Biteable video. Click “Copy link” after recording your footage to share your message.

Add a team member as an editor or publisher

Every Biteable user can now add others to their account. All team members have edit access — roles and permissions are controlled by you. Users on a paid plan can add publishers at no extra cost for 7 days. Collaborate and creation just got a whole lot smoother.

Duplicate a Brand

For those users on a Biteable Teams plan who use the Brand feature, we’ve made an update that allows you to duplicate a brand. This makes it easier to set up a second brand that is close to one of your other brands. Just duplicate the current brand and then make the necessary modifications.


February 2023

Branded Scenes optimized for mobile

Quickly and easily create instantly-branded videos in multiple aspect ratios — perfect for mobile or social sharing. No need to resize content to fit — we’ve got Branded Scenes in every size.

The Image Resizer is back from PTO

Our Image Resizer tool that lets you instantly resize an image to a custom or social-optimized sizes is back after a brief hiatus.

Add a persistent CTA button

You now have options when it comes to adding a clickable CTA to your videos. Choose whether to show your CTA at the end of your video, or as a persistent banner below your video — or both.

User account page updates

Logged in users who visit their Account page will notice some enhancements. For those users on a Teams plan, all users on your plan and their associated role are now displayed. If you are the owner of the account, you have the ability to change the user’s role. Please note, users who have Editor status can only edit a video, they cannot publish or download a video.


Improvements to Record requests

We’re seeing lots of users taking advantage of the ability to send out a single link to multiple people to request a recording for their Biteable videos. To make it even better, you now have up to 2,500 characters in the project detail description to give your contributors more context for the recording request. The user interface for the contributor’s project detail page and confirmation page has been updated as well.


Notifications for link-based recordings

When you send a video capture request to someone using a link, you now receive an email notification when they have submitted their recording.


January 2023

Request a screen or video capture via a link

In the first iteration of the Biteable Capture feature, you could request someone to record a video of themselves or of their screen by sending an email to each user with a series of prompts.

In this update, we’ve made it easier to send out capture requests using a single URL for your request. Simply set up the capture request including the prompts for the recording and then send a single link to as many people as you’d like.

Read more about using Record and Record requests here.

Script Mode available to all users

The Biteable Script Mode feature, previously only available to users on a Biteable Teams plan is now available to users on any Biteable plan. Script Mode works in conjunction with Branded Scenes to make video creation simple. Simply add your text to the scene and watch the video preview update in real time as you type.

Learn more about Script Mode in our Help Center.

Adding your brand to Biteable just got easier

We have improved and streamlined the process of adding your brand colors to Biteable. Read more about the updates here.

December 2022

Voice-overs available in the Smart Editor

It seems like we just added a new feature to the Smart Editor…and now here’s another. You can now add voice-overs to your video while in the Smart Editor.

Replace backgrounds with stock assets in the Smart Editor

More features keep coming to the Smart Editor. You can now replace backgrounds with stock assets from directly in the Smart Editor, saving you a trip to the Advanced Editor.

Invite your colleagues to your Biteable Teams plan

Subscribers on a Biteable Teams plan can easily see how many available seats they have remaining, and send invites to new team members from within Biteable.

Branded Scene navigation

We’ve updated the navigation of the branded scenes to scroll vertically instead of scrolling horizontally. Use the tabs on the top of the screen to automatically scroll you to that section, or scroll on your own and the tabs will update to let you know where you are.

Scene search

Scenes are now searchable from both the animations tab and the branded scenes tab. Regardless of which tab you search from, you will see results from both libraries. Branded scenes have a label to help you quickly identify them.

Biteable scene search
November 2022

Branded Scenes now available to Biteable Pro plans

Branded Scenes are now available to users on Biteable Pro plans.

Create stunning, on-brand videos in minutes with Branded Scenes. Choose from your master deck of pre-styled and pre-formatted scenes to build your video in a handful of clicks.

New sidebar navigation

On many of the pages within the Biteable app, you’ll now see the option for a more compact navigation on the left side of the Editor.

Invite commenters to your video

You can now invite people to comment on your Biteable video from the Exports page. People you invite do not have to be on your Biteable Team to leave a comment.

Access previous uploads when replacing a background

More features added to the Smart Editor! You can now access previous uploads in your Media Library when replacing a background in the Smart Editor.

User favorites

Have you ever made a scene that you really like and wish that you could use over and over and over again? Wish no more. When you’re in the Advanced Editor, we’ve added a button with a love heart :heart: that says “Add to Favorites”. When you click that button, your scene will be added to the favorites collection.

Easier access to start a video or request a recording

We’ve added a row of quick-action buttons to give you quick and easy access to starting a new video from scratch, starting a new video from a template, start a recording of you or your screen, and requesting a video recording from someone else.

Flip the layout of a scene in the Smart Editor

You can now flip the layout of a scene while editing your video in the Smart Editor.

Performance improvements

Rendering time has been improved for scenes with animated text.

Delete Self-recordings and Recording request videos

Using the Biteable Capture feature to record yourself, but you’re not thrilled with some of recordings you’ve saved? Us too. Now, you easily delete self-recordings and individual Record requests that you get from others from your Asset library.

October 2022

Team editing experience improvements

When you share a Biteable project with your team, you now have the ability to invite members to your team, or to add extra members to your team (up to your seat limit).

Access and upload images and logos in more places

The days of being able to only upload or access your images and logos in one place are over. You can now upload and access images in the Asset Library, multiple locations in the Advanced Editor, and the Smart Editor.

Edit Brand color combinations in the Biteable editor

In addition to being able to edit your brand color combinations in the Style settings, you can now easily edit them from within the Advanced Editor and the Smart Editor. Once you’re done with your edits, you’ll be taken directly back where you left off.

New Template Explorer

We’re always working to improve your experience using Biteable and we think you’re going to love the new Template explorer that makes finding templates easier than ever.

Better together

Now, all members of a team can invite additional members to join your Biteable Teams plan. Fill those available seats and make more videos.

September 2022

New Smart Editor

It’s time to say goodbye to finicky design decisions and tedious timelines with the new and improved Smart Editor. Simply start typing and watch your video come to life. Now featuring:

  • Simple text formatting
  • Bullet points and numbered lists
  • Drag and drop scene controls
  • Use your keyboard to navigate the editor with up/down and page-up/page-down
  • and so much more.

Receive and leave comments on your video for editing, approval, and feedback

Speed up your workflow with built-in commenting. Collect comments on any video and be notified when a new comment or reply is left. Time-stamped feedback makes collaboration a breeze — request and receive internal approval, and gather audience feedback when your video is live. Find out more.

Add an image or caption to any page

This update allows you to add a new text caption or image caption to a scene that doesn’t already have one. It also allows you to add a text or image caption to an existing caption.

Improvements to Record

The Record feature has been updated to give you a way to better organize recordings you make and recordings that you have requested from others. You’ll find these improvements in the Asset Library.

Asset Library available for Pro users

All Biteable users now have access to a personal Asset Library. Use your Asset Library to sort and organize your files and uploads.

Multiple Brands now supported for Teams users

If you’re on a Biteable Teams plan, you can now save and switch between multiple brands. Auto-apply any branding you’d like to the hundreds of branded scenes and templates available within your plan. Find out more.

Premium soundtracks

25 new premium soundtracks have hit your account. Find the perfect soundtrack for every video. Previewing and selecting soundtracks is now easier than ever.

August 2022

New dashboard

Your Biteable dashboard has been updated to make it easier for you to start a new video project, find existing video projects, organize videos, find the assets that you’ve uploaded, and to manage any brands that you’ve added to your Biteable account.

Record feature for all paid accounts

The Record feature which allows to you record your screen or request a video recording from anyone with an email address has been added to all Biteable accounts with an active paid subscription.

Request Recording

The Request Recording feature has been updated with new steps to explain the process and an option to provide a deadline for responses. The people you request to give you a video recording will now have more context for the video you’re requesting and they’ll know when you need the response.

Improvements to Folders

For those of you have dozens and dozens of folders, we made the folders appear slimmer and more compact so you can see more folders on the screen at once. We threw in a count of how many videos are in each folder for good measure. Learn more about Folders.

Update to Video Analytics

When you use the Biteable Watch page to share your video, you get analytics on the number of views, number of completed views, and the general location of where the video was viewed. The view analytics can be seen in a couple of places, so we made sure the view numbers were always in sync.

New templates

Nobody likes goodbyes, but now you can at least say them with style and grace with our new Farewell templates. We released 10 templates in this new category and we think they’re the perfect way to wish a team member well who is heading off on their next adventure.

July 2022

Easy access to the Publish page

Wouldn’t it be nice to access the link to the Biteable watch page and other publishing options for each video from the dashboard? Our developers thought so too. Click the Share link on a project thumbnail and get quick access to copy the link to the video and more.

New templates

We released 10 templates to the new Job Ads branded templates category. Users with an active paid subscription to the Teams plan have access to these new templates. Making your job ads stand out has never been easier.

Folders available to Pro plans

Users on an active, paid subscription to a Pro plan now have personal folders. You can use these folders to organize your growing library of Biteable videos. Previously, Folders were a feature only available on a Biteable Teams plan.

Voiceover available to Pro plans

Pro plan users now have access to the Voiceover feature which allows you to have both a soundtrack audio layer and a voiceover audio layer in your video.


Users on a Pro or Teams plan can upload a custom thumbnail image for their video. You can also choose any frame from your video and use that as your thumbnail image. You might also notice how fast the thumbnail images are generated and rendered thanks to some performance improvements behind the scenes.

June 2022

Asset Library

Biteable Teams users can now view and manage uploaded media in one easy-to-find place — your Asset Library. Upload and organize videos, images, and logos via your Library for seamless sorting and sharing. Learn how to access the Asset Library

Support for Microsoft accounts

Have you always wanted to log into Biteable using your Microsoft account? Now you can! We still support logging in with Google and Facebook.

Search added to Branded templates

You can now use keyword search to find one of the hundreds of available branded templates you have access to with your Teams plan.

Brand color ideas generator

We released some improvements to the brand color ideas generator. Ideas will only generate with unique colors so you won’t see the same color being suggested for both the background and the primary text color. Your videos have never looked so good.

Vertical text alignment

You can now resize text boxes vertically as well as set the vertical text justification to top, middle, or bottom.

New templates for June

You now have two new template categories to choose from. There’s a new “Welcomes” category to welcome new team members. There’s also a new “Team Profiles” category to introduce key team members to others in your organization.