Create unmissable messages with Biteable’s Record tools

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Record yourself, your screen, or your team

Pack a bigger punch with Record tools that take your message further. Record yourself or your screen, or invite someone else to make a cameo with Record Request.


Personality-packed comms

Break free from the confines of text-based messages with videos that capture the humanity of it all. Navigate difficult updates and share heartfelt kudos with a bonus personal touch.

Rally the troops

Capture cameos from your C-suite, your team, or anyone with a webcam. You send the prompt, and they’ll respond directly in Biteable. No finicky file transfers required. Perfect for company updates, birthdays, and employee farewells.

Show, don’t tell

Lean into the power of video. Don’t just tell your team what you mean — show them. Record your screen to unlock updates, trainings, and how-tos that make more sense.

New ways to share your most important messages

From recruitment and onboarding to culture and marketing, Record tools can amplify your message. Take a look at 10 creative ways to use Record Requests below.

10 creative Record Requests to send your team
10 creative Record Requests to send your team (+ prompts!)
Molly Whatley - Essendant

To have the whole company see the President & CEO talking about the company values and guiding principles and why they matter…That would’ve been hard to capture in a PDF or a PowerPoint.”

Capture better comms with Biteable’s Record tools